Ahu Tongariki

Ahu TongarikiAhu Tongariki was my favorite Moai monument. I loved it for two reasons, the first is it is that it has been restored, it was amazing to see the toppled Moai, but it was breath taking to see them restored. Ahu Tongariki is the largest of the Moai monuments. It was restored after being toppled by a tsunami, most of the Moai are toppled, historians believe they were toppled during tribal warfare. Ahu Tongariki is located by the Rano Raraku volcano, there are fifteen of them looking out onto the volcano. One of the moai is wearing a pukao. When I first arrived I thought the pukao looked like a hat, it is not a hat but in fact the hair. In addition to the fifteen Moai you will also find a toppled Moai here. Danny and I of course had to lay next to it for pictures, when you are laying next to them you realize just how big they are. If you have ever googled Easter Island or Moai chances are the ruins that popped up on your search were Ahu Tongariki. They were absolutely breathtaking!

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