Four Wheeling Fins and Things in Moab

Moab Fins and Things
We love Moab! When we were dating my husband and I would try to go to every Jeep Safari week over Easter weekend. Now that we are parents, our Easter celebrations have changed. However, our favorite trip to Moab was during Jeep Safari Week when we went down with a couple of friends. Jeep Safari Week is a big deal for rock crawlers. Rock Crawlers from all over the country come to Moab to test their trucks and jeeps on Moab trails. Usually we go down and watch the rock crawlers do the trails, our favorite is Potato Salad. Most of the extreme rock crawlers make an attempt to get to the top of Potato Salad, some of them make it, some of them flip, but it is fun to sit on the rocks and watch them try. This year we decided to take our four wheelers down and follow behind a group of jeeps and try the trails for ourselves. Our favorite trail was Fins and Things. It was such a blast! You have to go up and down rock formations and on bumpy dirt roads. Our four wheelers did great and our friends dirt bikes made the trek too. Although towards the end our friend took a spill going up one rock structure and we decided to call it a day and go eat.
Moab Fins and Things

  1. Things to Do in Moab, Utah A person’s tastes in adventure are as varied as Moab’s ability to fulfill them. There’s so much more to Moab than just the seeing, there’s also the doing: whitewater rafting, float trips, off road adventures, ziplining, rock climbing, scenic drives, museums, spas, art galleries, horseback rides, and so much more.

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