Traveling to Egypt was both exciting and a little scary. Everyone and I do mean Everyone told us not to go. It was too dangerous. While I can’t speak for all of Egypt, the places we went to were completely safe. We never once felt threatened. A big part of that is because of the Egyptian government. We were escorted almost everywhere by the military or police. However, I do feel our tour company also created a safe ambiance.

This is the first trip we have taken that was through a travel agency and every detail was scheduled and most of them were with a group. We booked our trip through (I personally don’t know of many U.S. companies booking trips to Egypt. But everyone in our tour group was from the United States.) They handled everything prior to departure.  The trip we booked was this one, It was perfect. Although I wish we would have had more time in Hurghada, honestly you need at least three or four full days to really enjoy the beaches and sea. Especially if you plan on diving. You should probably plan on diving. Many of the top best dives in the world are found in the Red Sea.

Once we got to Egypt  Blue Sky Travel took over with the tours. THEY WERE AMAZING. Look them up they have great reviews. We had three tour guides, our personal favorite was Sahar.  If you travel to Egypt I highly recommend requesting her regardless of what travel agency you use. You can reach out to her through Facebook at She is world-class! So knowledgeable, enthusiastic, kind-hearted. There aren’t enough words to describe her.  Trust me she is amazing!