Rancho Permiso

Turtle RanchRancho Permiso is the only place that you can find actual wild Galapagos tortoises! It is owned by the Devine family, who bought the acreage and later when walking the land discovered the tortoises and a giant lava tube. You can walk through the lava tube (it is a short drive from the ranch). The lava tube is not vary long, but is worth walking through. It is pretty easy terrain but there is a part where you have to get on the ground and crawl through an opening. There are lights strewn through the tube but they don’t cast a lot of light. They do cast enough light that you can see your way through the tube. There are a few spots where you will need to bend over. Lava tubes

The Devine family turned their land into a ranch where the tortoises can roam free. It cost $4.00 to go into the ranch but you are free to wander around and look at all the tortoises that drastically very in size, they range from small to gigantic. At the ranch where you walk around and look at the tortoises (they are pretty adamant that you look and do not touch) there is a pavilion where they sale local coffee that is supposed to be amazing, food, and various tourist items. They is also an exhibit where you can climb inside an empty tortoise-shell.Turtle Ranch

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