Shrine Drive Thru Tree

Shrine Drive Thru TreeSometimes you just want to be a kid again, to just be silly. I love having fun and being random, that is one of the reasons I love to go to these road-side tourist attractions. They always have something to offer, this one did not disappoint. There was something unique about each drive thru tree, of course my favorite part of this tree was the drive to get there! I absolutely love avenue of the giants! Unlike most of the other drive thru trees, shrine tree looks like it was split on the bottom by nature. The huge split is what you drive through. It must have been our lucky trip because we had the park all to ourselves! We drove through the tree, then headed to the walk through tree, there was even a little hole for our dog to walk through. They have a chunk of a fallen tree you can drive onto for some great photos, but our favorite thing was the treehouses! They have two houses made from the hollowed out trunk of a redwood, that are so cute, they look like something out of a fairy tale book. We may have been in our mid twenties, but who says you can’t play in a treehouse as an adult. Sure, this is a great place for kids to play, and even though Danny and I haven’t been kids in awhile we too wanted to play. One of the treehouses had two stories, we climbed up then took a bunch of random silly photos, our favorite photos came from the library of books made from wood. I don’t know what it was about these books, but we found it hilarious! Pardon the pajama pants this was day two of sleeping in the car!

  1. Of two well-known tree tunnels in Central California, the one in Tuolumne Grove is through a dead tree, and the Wawona Tree in Yosemite fell over in 1969. On California’s Redwood Coast, however, there are three drive-through redwoods still going strong, all of them operated as tourist attractions.

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