Tour Thru Tree in Klamath

KlamathIf you are going to see the Redwoods you have to drive thru at least one tree. Its cliché, its touristy, and it is a must! When we drove up the 101 we went through every tree you can drive through (there are three). One of the things we really liked about this one was it was large enough I felt comfortable driving through it. I am that annoying car driver that will circle the block and park three blocks down to avoid parallel parking between two cars, tight fits make me nervous.
KlamathWhen we got there, there wasn’t anyone there. Danny drove through first, parked in the tree and climbed out his window to prove I would be fine driving through this tree. Since, he was already out, we stopped took a photo and circled back around so I could drive through it. I had plenty of room, I am sure most vehicles will be able to get through this tree. This tree is located off of Highway 101 in Klamath, California. It cost $5 to drive through this tree.

  1. Drive-Thru Tree Park is a piece of paradise in Northern California where you can drive your car through a Giant Sequoia, hike trails to photograph wild life and native plants, picnic, or shop.

  2. Tour-Thru Tree. Klamath , California At the northern end of the Redwood Country near Klamath , the Tour-Thru Tree was named thus to avoid legal entanglements.

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