West Coast Game Park Safari

Have you ever wanted to hold a baby tiger, feed a baby leopard, maybe play with a baby lion? Who doesn’t want that? West Coast Game Park Safari offers interacting up close and personal with baby exotic animals and so much more! It is probably my favorite zoo, although I suppose a more accurate term is petting zoo. Let’s be honest, who doesn’t love a petting zoo, especially when the animals you pet are not your typical petting zoo animals! Sure they have pygmy mommy and baby goats, deer, donkeys, and other typical petting zoo animals, but they also have exotic animals. The cages are made so that you can safely view the animals up close. They also allow you to play with the baby exotic animals at no extra charge. When we were there we played with three baby tigers and fed and held a baby leopard. My sister-in-law went a year after we did, she got to play with a baby bear. The baby animals you pet change, one time it was a baby lion. The day we went it was a dreary day, typical for Oregon though. When we got there we weren’t sure what to think. There was a huge sign telling us to park here, but to be honest the place looked like a hole in the wall place. Danny and I looked at the place and the cloudy skies with drizzly rain and almost left. We figured we might as well see what an exotic petting zoo is, best decision we made that trip.

The outside of the zoo is deceiving, but it is worth checking out! It was one of our favorite stops on our drive up the coast from Monterey to Washington State. We were the only two people there for most of the day, towards the afternoon one other family showed up. I am not sure if it is always this empty, but for us it was a huge perk to have it all to ourselves. We got to spend quite a bit of time playing with the animals,  took tons of pictures, literally over two hundred. I have been struggling with this blog post for a month because I cannot decide what pictures to post. My favorite moment and picture ended up using as our wedding announcement.

We have been to tons of zoos. Zoos in Peru, Ecuador, Egypt, Florida, Utah, California, Michigan, Arizona, Georgia. Zoos are our thing, since our second date we have made it a point to go to a zoo everywhere we go. We travel a lot for work and have been to a lot of zoos. Of all the zoos we have been to we have never interacted so closely with exotic animals. It was also one of the cheapest zoos we have been too, it is $17.50 for adults, that’s it no additional charge to hold the baby animals, the only additional expense is if you want to buy a ice cream cone of food to feed some of the animals for a couple quarters. I am sure you could do the zoo in a couple of hours, it isn’t very big. We spent the entire day there and enjoyed every minute. We especially enjoyed playing with Max the lemur who kept trying to steal Danny’s hat and trying to get the perfect picture of the lion roaring. Information about the park can be found here


  1. what is the cost to play with the baby tigers plus I am a grandfather , so do I need the parents consent.

    • Breanna says:

      Hello! You do no need a parent’s consent to take your grandchildren to play with the baby animals last time I checked but it doesn’t hurt to reach out to them at 541.347.3106 just to be sure when you go. There is not a fee to play with the baby tigers or the animals in their nursery. However right now they do not have baby tigers but they do have a Eurasian Lynx cub.

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