Dinosaur Park

Dinosaur ParkThe first time I went to Dinosaur Park I was just a child and thought it was so neat to climb on these giant dinosaurs. I loved Jurassic Park so to me this was like my own little taste of Jurassic Park. Twenty years later I went back with my husband and I still had a blast climbing on the dinosaurs. Dinosaur Park is a free park that was built-in 1936. It consists of seven huge dinosaurs made out of concrete that have truly stood the test of time. Dinosaur ParkThe dinosaurs are life-size and when they were created were thought to be realistic looking. Danny stood on the stair banister and still could not touch the Tyrannosaurus Rex’s head. We got a kick out of making it look like the Brontosaurus accidentally stepped on you. Dinosaur Park also has a gift shop where you can buy souvenirs or pick up a smashed penny for your collection. Whether you are riding the Triceratops or just walking the sidewalk to view the magnificent creatures in stone, Dinosaur Park is a fast free fun site to see! Danny and I enjoy going for the wacky pictures, I am sure we will go back again one day with our daughter so she can have a turn saying she saw a dinosaur and rode it.Dinosaur Park

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